Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Invisible for an Hour

I planned to post this ages ago and am just getting to it. This was part of our Music Library Retreat in July. On the second day we did a 10-minute writing activity (à la Natalie Goldberg – love her!). There were two prompts from which to choose. I picked what would you do if you had an invisibility potion that would work for one hour. I have changed absolutely nothing from what I scribbled that day. So here it is repetitive vocabulary, bad punctuation and all.

If I had an invisibility potion what would I do? Well, I’d use it that’s for sure and I think that I’d go around fixing things. I don’t think I’d rob a bank or anything like that – even though it would be nice to have lots of money. I believe in abundance so I know that there is plenty for everyone. I’d start with my grandfather and my mom. I would whisper things in my grandfather’s ear that would shift his perspective, I’d say things that would make him appreciate this life, the short time that he has on this planet – and help him to be kind to my mother and be grateful that she takes care of him. I would also do some whispering in my mom’s ear – I’d help her realize that my grandfather really isn’t intending to cause her misery – it just works out that way because he’s so miserable. I would also spend some time being the fairy of lost things. I’d find all sorts of things that people have misplaced and put them in very obvious places. That would make lots of people smile and probably scratch their heads too. Maybe that’s what was happening when my dad’s money clip ended up in my back yard. Hmmm, who was being invisible that day? What else, what else, what else would I do? I’d like to say that I’d establish world peace, get rid of poverty, ensure that anyone with the desire for higher education had the opportunity – that teachers are paid more than lawyers and doctors, that companies always played fair, that people always told the truth, that everyone everywhere was always happy and healthy and doing what they please or what their calling is, I mean. I think that would take more than one hour.


barb b said...

I liked the movie, never read the book. Forgiveness has been heavy on my mind. need to balance forgiveness with not being pooped on. got to teach people how to treat you. hard when they really don't care. I'd start with world peace, all else will come. take care barb

mka said...

Hey Barb!! Thanks for your comment - it's always good to hear from you. Yay world peace!!!

I'll be excited to see you in a few weeks. When are you arriving? What are you going to read this time?

love, mka

PS Hi to the pooches!