Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Music Library Retreat - Haiku

I spent the two previous afternoons in the Willow Room of the Elliott University Center with my colleagues, Sarah and Ted. This was our second annual Music Library Retreat. We used this time to evaluate where we are as a team and as a library, what we accomplished in 2006-2007, what our priorities are for the remainder of the summer and ended by setting goals for 2007-2008.

Because the three of us are like-minded in many ways, we agreed to begin the sessions by dappling in creativity. Why you ask? It's simple. Being creative even for just a couple of minutes changes you. It gets you out of yourself and away from all your crap. It opens you up to new perspectives and ideas. It also makes you feel really good. (Christine Kane has great posts about creativity - try this one and this one too.)

Yesterday's activity was writing haiku. I think I'm really bad at haiku and I groaned a little. I did it anyway. I immediately got into it when I decided that I should express my fear about my inability to write haiku. I share these, not because I think they are good - I share them as an example of why it's always good for me to step out of my box and do something that is gooey and exposes the real, true me to others. (And isn't that part of what this whole blog thing has been about, I ask myself.)

So, ladies and gents I present yesterday's haiku. Giggling is encouraged.


haiku eeew

I am a bit blue
because I suck at haiku
maybe I'll just moo

commute art

pale blue, steel gray, white
clouds at dusk - early July
over-my-head art


the weather changes
new students blow in
we ride out the storm

willow lunch woes

salty lunch - yucky
perhaps Boba for dinner
to cleanse the palate


Sarah said...

Hey MKA!

Really makes me glad
Your haiku was revealed here.
Maybe bake a pie?



mka said...

How about I-think-that-I-suck-at-haiku-but-I'm-not-all-that-bad pie?

tammy vitale said...

I think these are great! If nothing else, they definitely made me smile. A great way to start the day anytime.

Hope all is well with you.

mka said...

Thanks Tammy!!!!

L said...

I am so happy -
Today I stumbled across
Haikus from your pen.

Glad you're posting again ;)

mka said...

angel L,

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a haiku. I missed your July birthday! :( I hope that it was wonderful!

xo, mka

Farin said...

Oh Boba, light of my life! (and I'm not even veggie!) :)

mka said...

Farin, Boba rocks! That's for sure.

:) mka