Friday, February 02, 2007

me and my bro in the snow - ho ho!

As different as my brother and I are we do have some things in common - at our cores we are both oversized kids and we love, love, love snow. Actually I think my bro loves, loves, loves, loves (to infinity) snow.

There was a snowstorm predicted for early Thursday morning. We were expecting 3-5 inches of accumulation - that's a storm for around here these days. I was pleased because Thursday is my "Saturday" and I could play and not have to worry about commuting. On Wednesday evening I received the following phone call.

bro: (sing-songy voice) what 'ya doing tomorrow?

moi: well, Jerona and I have a date to clean out the shed and I'm supposed to sit with Big Daddy for Mom in the evening, but
bro: (know-it-all voice): it's gonna snow, you're not going to be able to do any of that stuff.
moi: yes, I know, if you would've let me finish my thought I would have said that I think it's gonna snow so I won't be doing either of those things.
bro: (a bit chagrined) (pause) so, um, what are you going to do tomorrow?
moi: just hang around here.
bro: (very excited) you wanna play in the snow with me?
moi (also very excited): hell, yeah. maybe we can build a snow person!
and the silliness monster reared its cute little head..

Thursday morning arrived, I arose about 7 and there was no snow - not a flake. I actually thought it was kinda funny because I knew all the schools had closed in anticipation of this storm. I started my morning puttering and an hour or so later it started - huge flakes!!! I bragged on Christine Kane's blog that it was snowing at my house and Christine was jealous. I decided that I was going to have enough fun for me and Christine in the snow and I'd tell her all about it later and she'd be all excited too. Then the snow stopped.

My brother arrived and boy was he bummed. He actually stood at my back door, staring through the glass, rocking up and down on the balls of his feet, talking to the sky, begging and pleading for more snow. I tried to distract him with my high speed internet connection, and a yummy breakfast of homemade french toast and hash browns -which he did enjoy- but he would not be distracted (I'm surprised he didn't do a snow dance - I bet he would have if I'd suggested it.) He kept asking for snow. Soon I heard, it's snowing again!!

So we headed up to Farris Park to play in the falling snow. We had a great time walking around, taking pictures and feeding the ducks and geese. There wasn't any accumulation. It didn't matter all that much (I don't think my bro would agree with me here) - no snowballs to throw or snow people to build - but it was such a lovely day.

(And my bro ate mostly vegetarian all day and asked me to explain to him exactly what organic means.) I heart my bro. Now the inner core little kid in me needs to do a happy dance. See 'ya.


Anonymous said...

loved the picture. about that money clip. I waited for big flakes, got little ones and took the dogs out anyway, snow, sleet, and the slience of wind in the pines. bb

mka said...


Sorry for my delayed response to your comment! I take it that you're not buying my fairy story, huh? I love "sleet, snow, and the silence" beautiful image and all those s sounds... Annie says that she's excited to meet Hannah and Bull!

xo, mka