Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cat's Eye

for Wayne

She peered into the room that she'd made her own where he sat taking advantage of her high speed connection, something he couldn't get on the farm. Preening behind the black frames she asked, "What do you think of my new glasses?"

He turned his head away from the screen, looked at her, dropped his chin to his chest, and laughed. "You know who you look like, don't ya?"

As far as she knew he'd never heard of Lisa Loeb so she had an idea of who he meant. "Grandma, right?"

"Yeah, those glasses look just like the ones she had when we were little." She smiled at him, choosing to take his comment as a compliment.

A memory flashed across her mind, that night 17 years ago that she always used to illustrate their oppositeness. As she sat in Aycock enjoying the fickleness of Mozart's Fiordiligi and Dorabella he was at a tractor-pull or monster truck show or some damn thing where you could buy a cap covered in fake mud. She remembered that ugly hat and she chuckled. And that was when she knew that it had all fallen away - all the differences, the old aggravations, the petty crap. Suddenly her heart was full of love for him, the one who really wasn't so much her polar opposite after all. Even though they didn't agree on most things - the environment, politics, religion or Wal-mart - it was okay now. Some time recently they had reached a good place and she had missed it until now. It was a place of mutual respect, not understanding really, they'd probably never get there, but she no longer thought of him as a redneck and she was pretty sure that he didn't think of her as a snob anymore.

She walked across the room, took his hand, and they left the house to embark on some sibling-only mini-adventure. She didn't tell him of her epiphany. She kept quiet about how grateful she was for her brother and how he'd helped her realize that she actually believed in unconditional love, something that only a few years before she'd denied even existed. For if he could love her this hippie-dippy, artsy-fartsy, organic food eating, unaffiliated voting status sister of his then maybe, just maybe there was a chance for world peace.

well, she's not telling him 'til his birthday, anyway. :)

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mka said...

Yesterday we celebrated my brother's birthday with a family breakfast (and I was NOT the last one to arrive at a 9 am event, sur-prise - sur-prise.) His birthday is actually on the 9th but it worked out with schedules to celebrate him yesterday. Anyway, he really, really likes Cat's Eye. I'm very happy. :)