Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Year in Review, Part 2: Accomplishments and Other Cool Stuff

2006, what a good year! The following is a list of the stuff that I did, experienced, worked on and/or accomplished. These things make me happy. Note: This list is in random order and subject to additions as more items come to mind.

Stepping out of my comfort zone (and I am a girl who really likes her homey comfort zone) by:
  • moving back to the area where I grew up (something I swore I'd never do) - where all of my family lives - and into my grandmother's house (yes, my grandmother is now my landlady)
  • attending two of Christine Kane's Women's retreats - I met a bunch of amazing women who I'm proud to call my friends and carry in my heart every day
  • really exploring my creativity for the first time by making displays at work, cozying up my library office, re-doing my grandmother's former bedroom and making it into my study, taking tons of pictures, making collages, writing poetry, making Christmas presents for my grandparents, playing with crayons and markers, creating mka's Wall of Inspiration in my study and
  • creating this blog - the more I write here the more comfortable I become with putting myself "out there"
  • doing tons of mindful work in relation to my family, including discovering how to not fall back into old patterns, it's working out way better than I expected, especially with my brother (I'm beginning to realize this is part of why I moved back here)
  • helping out with some Information Literacy classes at work and volunteering to do library tours
  • letting more and more people see the real me - silliness and all
  • writing, writing, writing
Reaching a new level of trust, understanding, and respect with my "boss." She and I were friends for many years before we became supervisor/supervisee. She was on sabbatical for 6 months this year. During that time I think that we both shifted and gained new perspectives. Her sabbatical was good for both of us, and I'm happy that she came back in July. :) We've managed to strike a balance between work and friendship that works for us. And she lets me edit stuff for her. I love to edit.

Taking library school for a test drive and deciding that I didn't want the payments. This adventure inspired Christine Kane to write a posting for her blog.

Trusting myself.

Trusting the Universe.

Treating people well, specifically our library patrons, our student employees, and my colleagues.

Being a good friend.


sbdorsey said...

I once had a friend named MK
Who lived here and then moved away.
She's back and I'm glad
And together we're rad
She's so wise, silly, fun - makes my day!

love, your "boss"
(tee hee - see, you "inspire" me!)

mka said...

Dang! That's impressively good for 7:06 in the am!

love, mka

LisaJay said...

Hi mka! I've taken the great liberty of adding "the way i see it" to my "Friends" link list. Though we've only been friendly a short time,I've really enjoyed our back-and-forth chats. Your blog inspires me to take a break from the "eye candy" scene and spend some in quiet thought.

mka said...

Oh, LisaJay, I am honored!! Thank you. I've enjoyed our "chats" too. I think your blog is cool. mka