Monday, January 08, 2007

I live in a house filled with thieves...

and these are the culprits.

I am happy to report that the university where I work shuts down from about Christmas Eve until January 2nd. Because all of my immediate family live in the same town I didn't have to travel at all over the holidays. I spent leisurely days at home with my cuddly animal friends. Bliss...

Annie is a trickster who likes to steal human food and beverages whenever she can. As I go about my morning routine I carry a cup of tea around with me. I try to keep track of that cup at all times, but once in a while I get distracted. Annie attempts to empty all abandoned teacups. Since the entrance of Petunia and the new tea kettle into our lives, my tea starts out hotter and remains hot for a much longer time. (Don't worry she's fine.) One morning over break I had gone into the study to check my email or something and I heard this strange noise in the living room. Have you ever heard a whippet cough? It's pretty funny to witness. Annie had gotten herself a mouthful of hot Earl Grey, spit it out on the couch (there was a small puddle) and was walking around the living room coughing and hacking kinda like someone who's just inhaled their first cigarette puff. I made sure that she was uninjured and after a couple of minutes she stopped coughing. I've been keeping an even closer eye on my teacups lately.

After Annie's little adventure I went into the kitchen to make cinnamon toast. Mitchell is always interested in what happens on the counter so I wasn't surprised when he jumped up to see what I was doing. I put tiny little bits of butter on the bread in each corner and one in the middle (just like Grandma used to so when I was little) and sprinkled cinnamon all over the bread. Cinnamon = gooooood. I turned around to put the butter back in the fridge and Mitchell seized the moment. When I got back to the counter - like a second later - he was chowing down on some organic, unsalted butter (yum-yum, says Mitch). Lesson learned, put the bread in the toaster oven before you return the butter to its home.

I'm surrounded by thieves - cute, sweet, cuddly ones who I love hanging out with - but thieves nonetheless.

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