Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Meet Petunia

Mitchell, Annie and I are proud to announce the newest addition to our household, Petunia the purple tea pot. Okay, generally the only things without legs that I name are automobiles and plants but this new teapot makes me so happy that just I couldn't help myself. The new tea kettle is great too - I love the whistle when it yells at me because I've gotten distracted from the kitchen (which never happens around here because I am always so present) - oh hell maybe the kettle will get a name too. You never know with me.

A big shout out to my pals, Robin and Art, at The Extra Ingredient where I purchased these lovely items. I did three (or was it four) years as a part-time employee there during the days of working about 70 hours a week. Three cheers for local businesses that provide fantastic customer service. One of these days I'm gonna go in there and buy a ton of All-Clad cookware. That just might cause Art to do a happy dance - he's the owner.

Yeah, you think I'm completely nuts now don't 'ya? Well, I am in that adorable, fun to hang out with way, not the scary turn around and run the other way way. :)

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