Saturday, October 07, 2006

Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate Dad

This is Dad, the world's sweetest handyman!

10. He makes people smile at his job. He taught me all about great customer service during the two summers that I worked with him.

9. He loves bowling so much that it seems like a cool thing to do. Even though he's really good at it he doesn't laugh (too hard) at my sucky bowling skills.

8. Who needs Blockbuster when you've got DadFlix? Late fees - he accepts hugs as payment. (He has all 7 seasons of Star Trek:The Next Generation and all the TNG movies - YAY!)

7. He lends me tools and teaches me how to use them.

6. He does the cutest dance ever when he's excited.

5. Hanging out with me causes him to do that dance. :)

4. He turned the closet in my study into a swell bookcase using discarded shelves the I rescued from the main library on campus where I work.

3. After decades of chain smoking he gave it up cold turkey about 13 years ago.

2. He's my biggest fan. (The feeling is mutual.)

1. It's his birthday today! Happy Birthday, Daddy Rabbit.


sbdorsey said...


This is the cutest birthday present! Your dad is lucky to have such a cool daughter and those shelves look totally rockin! Way to go, MKA's dad! Happy Birthday!

And when do I get to bowl with him again?

love SBD

mka said...


I hope that he'll like it. Since he doesn't do the compter thing I've made a hard copy for him.

As for bowling we'll have to arrange a Saturday something - that's his only day off.


mka said...

This is Annie the Whippet. I'd like to say that my grandpa is the coolest cuz he comes by every Sunday night while Mommy is at work and takes me out for a little walkie. I love him soooo much that when he comes to see me I get really, really excited and run around the house like a crazy dog. I like to lick him on the face or on his bald head. Kisses are fun. Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Anna said...

You look just like your Dad! Love the post!

mka said...

Anna, Yeah, I know and thanks for the love. :-) I am totally recycling this post from three years ago.