Wednesday, November 28, 2007

two hearts were open now one is closed

like windows in summer, their hearts were flung wide open

sweet freedom, nothing held back, no disguises

enlightenment seekers, treaders on a path of light, cultivators of silliness, artists

she felt finally understood, accepted, respected, admired and loved

he felt the same – but platonically, he gently told her

she slammed her window, yanked down the blinds and balled herself up in the darkest corner of her house

he called her back to play in the sun with him

she wanted to go - she misses him

how can she protect her heart from the brightest light she’s ever seen?

a light that shined through all her ego’s layers and took up residence inside her very essence

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Anonymous said...

Mary,can you please contact me regarding being interviewed for a book I'm writing for Harper Collins Publishing for fall, 2008. My name is Joyce Schwarz, or joyceschwarz@GMAIL.COM -- I don't see your email anywhere on the blog??