Sunday, October 28, 2007

Morning After Pumpkin Carving

two sweet girls slumber on my pullout couch

a salad serving bowl full of roasted pumpkin seeds sits on the kitchen counter

the sink is full of pumpkin-gut covered carving utensils

mugs ringed with sticky leftovers of hot cider hang out all around the house

shoes are scattered near the front door

newspapers litter the living room floor

I went to bed at 1 am and left three lovely ladies watching Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson fall in love

their laughter made me smile in my slumber

the puppy kept watch over them all night from the big purple chair – she never came to bed

the watch-cat stared out the window scanning the shadows for mischief-makers

no one had ever been so well guarded

how wonderful that people are comfortable enough at chez moi to be overjoyed


Anonymous said...

way to go on the readings. I am going to try and keep my promise to myself to go to Open Eye open mic on Tues. stay warm. bb

Anonymous said...

And to think I missed it! The Great Pumpkin (carving night) came and I missed it!

Oh, Great Pumpkin (carving night), where are you!!?


mka said...

oh my - I'm behind on comments. So sorry dearies!!

bb, thanks. keep me posted on open eye - maybe i'll be able to come even. hb isn't that far from gso.

hermanzoon, dear one that you are - you did indeed miss the carving party. there are still 13 pumpkins at my house. once you're done with your show come visit and carve until your heart is happy.

xo, mka