Monday, October 01, 2007

Maxfield Parrish in the Sky

July early evening commute,

the red light is an opportunity

to breathe deeply and look at the sky.

Wow – it is a Maxfield Parrish painting!

Vibrant sky in his trademark color,

Parrish blue they call it.

Thin streaks of steel gray transverse

fluffy whiteness and juicy orange.

There is a cloud on fire in the distance

as if Mother Nature were about to make a proclamation.

I bet it would be damn it people, pay attention!


Anonymous said...

My oldest son's middle name is Maxfield, after Maxfield Parrish - we called him Max for quite a while, until he turned 5 and insisted we call him his "real" name, his first name. I miss calling him Max!

mka said...

Caren, What a great story! I think Max is a swell name. :)