Sunday, September 16, 2007

Two Lovely Saturdays

When I lived in Mayodan I rushed home on Saturdays to get to my sweet little dog. I usually stopped at EarthFare on my way home, but there was no hanging out with folks or event attendance. My dad usually walked Annie for me in the middle of the day, but I had to be home for the dinnertime poop and scoop. I happily report that this is no longer the case. In fact, my last two Saturday evenings have been quiet lovely.

Last week after closing the library at 6 pm I set out on my 10-minute walk home, ran the pooch out the door and changed from jeans into a skirt and big girl shoes. (I know, can you believe it? mka sans Birkenstocks!?!) Then three of my building mates and I walked 10 minutes to Greensboro College to hear the Fibonacci Chamber Orchestra play its first concert of the season. I fell in love with this group last year during their premiere concert. Matthew Thomas Troy, (that makes me giggle, he’s Matt Troy to me) one of our recent masters conducting graduates, and lots of other folks have worked their boodies off to get this group up and running. And oh boy can they play! What impresses me most though is how much fun the musicians have when they perform. They smile at each other, at Matt – they radiate pure joy. I highly recommend them. They have 3 more concerts this season. Come out; I’ll see you there. (I became a first-time-ever season ticket holder for this group.)

This week I took a quick ride downtown to the Greensboro Historical Museum because my dear, sweet friend, Liane, was in 5 by O. Henry. O. Henry, famous short-storiest, has a Greensboro connection (he was born nearby and grew up in town) and this adapting of 5 of his stories into playettes has been going on for 25 years. And yes, I admit, I’ve never been before – not even when I worked 2 weekends a month in the museum shop for extra dough. It was a fun night. There was lots of singing, silly humor and of course O. Henry’s jabbing, fable-like twisty endings - very family-friendly. By far my favorite moments were when Ms. Liane, opera singer in training, stood at the piano and sang terribly, on purpose and looked so pleased with herself (as her character was supposed to.) Go girl with your ethereal smile! Unfortunately today was the last performance. Go next year, especially if Liane makes a second appearance!

Am I happy with my move back to Greensboro? Folks have been asking me lately and my response? Hell, yes! Bravo GSO!!!


Deetra said...

We're glad to have you back!!

mka said...

Thanks Deetra, my fellow tribeswoman!