Monday, September 24, 2007

Power Breakfast?

Saturday morning – warm and sticky; my steps are springy

I round the corner from the coffeehouse heading toward my office

a college kid leans one shoulder against the door frame of the entrance to the apartments above

cigarette dangling in his right hand, so loosely held that if I say boo he’ll drop it

in his left hand is a juice glass full of dark, almost flat looking cola

the same breakfast my mom had every morning when I was a child – Pepsi and a Salem

the boy’s eyes stare at the sidewalk – his posture says, " my life sucks and don’t you dare disagree with me"

I look down at my reusable mug full of organic lemon green tea and my blueberry/blackberry vegan muffin

my posture says that I am enjoying the sunny morning and am happy with my place in the world

I reach in my pocket, touch the flat stone inside and mutter, "I am grateful for being 36"


leonie said...

is it just me, or are kids getting more angst-y as time goes by? or do i just notice more now because i'm not so self-absorbed and angst-y myself?


Farin said...

rock on with your awesome self. My breakfast is usually some nutrisystem horror or a yogurt, lol. Definitely speaks to what my life is, just like your experience!

mka said...

leonie, hi! good to hear from you. how goes the travels? i'm with you on the extra angstiness. we were NEVER like that. ;)

farin, i think you're pretty awesome too. thanks for your comment!

xo to you both