Sunday, June 03, 2007

Oh, the woes of a truant blogger girl...

Dear readers who haven't given up on me,

First off I'd like to say many, many thanks to those of you who have emailed me and pretty much said what the hell is going on with you. I've learned that people who give me that kind of crap are the ones who care most about me. So thanks for caring ya'll. I could feel the love, even when actually especially when I wasn't able to respond to it.

In a nutshell I've been all wrapped up in my 9-ness and hit a wall of overwhelm which led to an almost complete shutdown. After the termite fiasco which made being at home feel icky - not at all good for a big time homebody - and a sorta I-gotta-stop-living-here panic and then an oh-shit-I-finally-figured-out-that-I wanna-be-a-writer so let's practice our self-sabotaging techniques, I embraced the I of my Meyers-Briggs INFJ pretty much to the point of hermitness except for going to work. (Damn is that one horrible sentence, but life felt like that sentence reads so I'm gonna leave it. Sorry English majors.) The good news is I think I'm finally on the other side of all that mess. I HAD to do something creative today for work and that really helped to get things going again. And after work tonight I watched Christine Kane's dvd again which gave me a good and much needed kick in the derriere. Hip, hip hooray. So I'm back. More to come, I promise.

mucho smooches,


barb b said...

been there done that and am glad that you are on the other side.
see you soon and hang in there, you will come out on top. bull and hannah say hi to annie. bb
ps, what is the meaning for typing in the letters below, inquiring minds want to know. see ya

mka said...

My buddy barb,

Hello to you and thanks for the kind words. Are you arriving on Thursday or Friday? I'm going up on Thursday. As for typing in the letters - it's some security thing, keeps me from getting spammed or something. See you next week (hop, hop).

xo, mka

PS to Hannah and Bull, Annie says, hellohellohello, let's play!

barb b said...

planning on coming on thurs. which cabin do you want? i'd like the one highest up near the teepee.
I am going to bird watch upu at Lake Louise so have no timetable for arrival. just going to wing everything. see you soon. bb

tammy vitale said...

ok - let me try this again having just sent the last note off somewhere other than your comment page.

welcome back - good to see you here! Glad you're ready to deal with your writerness head on. Good for you!

Caren said...

Yay! I was *just* planning on leaving a comment, asking "Are you not seeing it any more?" Glad you're "out here" again... those inner times are necessary, too, though, especially for an "I". It *can* start to be... unhealthy, though, for lack of a better word. Have you re-read Christine's blog on sabotage? Good stuff!

Sarah said...

WELCOME BACK!!! Just when I get back poetic. I did *not* send a message because I did not want to come off like a boss-friend or cool that work actually helped a little (well, the creativity part of it).

See you soon!


mka said...

oh my, i am behind on my comments.

barb, you are welcome to the cabin near the teepee. See you on Thursday.

tammy, thanks for not giving up on me. my writerness,I like that.

caren, also thanks to you for continuing to visit here and thanks for the kind words.

sarah, glad you're back! dinner last night was lovely fun - thanks for that.