Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My longest love affair

Almost nine years - we've set up house together 6 times.

Depressing apartment complex, renovation, mold outbreak,
three months in a basement, bad neighbors, and termites -
obstacles overcome, my dear.

Our routine is a bit dysfunctional,
you yell at me to wake up and make your breakfast.
I whine and say just five more minutes.

Your employment is being handsome, taking naps
and annoying the pooch. It's all good.

I'll keep bringing home the kibble and litter,
as long as you're here to greet me.

We're forever together, my kitty companion.


chocolate covered musings said...

hahaha! i love it. cats are so demanding aren't they? but i miss having a kitty.

mka said...


thanks - my mitchell can be very demanding and 5 minutes later be extremely sweet. this morning he spent a good bit of time next to me on the desk while I posted poems. are 7's allowed to have pets? kidding, kidding! I love your blog - so cool that you posted barb's poem - maybe she'll get some chapbook sales out of it.

xo, mka