Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mary Oliver

Through my recent devouring of your work I feel a kinship.
I imagine your solitary walks and quiet writerly afternoons.
You may find this evening difficult - I think I was projecting.

For here you are in the middle of a lively pre-presentation conversation.
You're introduced and then enter the stage from the audience,
dressed in simple black with a frill-less red scarf hanging from your neck.

You explain that you are waiting for friends to arrive
but begin to tell us about Percy, who ate the Bhagavad Gita
and now is the "wisest of little dogs."

The friends arrive and I am enchanted to once again hear of precious Percy.
You read of deer, of a dead fox and various birds, of trees, of a river -
so poised, so authentic, so in the moment, so impressive.

I am awestruck. When someone thanks you for your work,
you smile and say you're simply thanking me for having a good life.
And your advice to writers, I will never forget:

Be joyful.
Be hopeful.
Keep on writing.


barb b said...

MKA, you have been cranking them out. way to go. Love all of them.I think you are allowed to be a drama queen with termites. I had rats once and that was awful. even though they were mammals, i wanted them DEAD and so I did.

mka said...

Thanks, Barb! The house I grew up on was in the middle of an old cow pasture - we had field mice all the time - I hated that!

mka said...

Update - one of my college mentors things I should send this to Mary Oliver. WOW!

Jacqui Causey said...

MK, thank you. It's beautiful. And I shall remember its location so that I may one day present it in person to Mary Oliver on your behalf.

mka said...
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mka said...

Aww shucks, Ms. Causey! I did mail it to her a couple of months ago. :)