Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Cabin in the Woods on a Rainy Night

Once she got past her hatchet murderer fear
and turned off the lamp
the darkness engulfed her.

Raindrops landed in staccato on the tin roof
and dripped off its corners onto the deck's floor.
Jasmine incense cleared away the cabin's mustiness.

As she climbed under the cold sheet her eyes adjusted
and she could see the water logged leaves
on the surrounding trees.

Her attention was drawn to a pulsing green light
that hung at the open unscreened window's edge
as if it were looking at her.

Soon there was another one and another and another
sprinkled all over the woods - a personal July 4th, only better
because she didn't have to block out the noise.

Soon she started drifting into sleep. She peeked
and found her friends still there
keeping watch over her.

She remembered the first time she'd been to this place
how she observed the firefly magic with Ruth and Maggie.
Ruth must sleep in the cabin next time.

She will love this show
of tiny dancing lights.
What yumminess!!


chocolate covered musings said...

how perfectly you describe your little cabin. it made it so much more fun to read for me because i could picture the very spot.


mka said...


glad you enjoyed it. thanks for reading. i may have a photo from cris to add at a later date.

one of your new retreat friends,