Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Reminder from Old Blue Eyes

Monday morning I fled the house
wanting to escape the exterminator.
I drove to the park, away from the crime scene.

The plan was three rounds on the trail through the woods:
one to warm up, one for moving fast
and the last to slow down - three miles total.

My mind was cluttered - thoughts of
last week's stress, the weekend's wonders
and desperate yearnings to follow my bliss.

Near the three-quarter mile mark I almost missed him
as he quickly slithered through the tall wheat-colored grass toward the lake
his bulging blue as that lake eyes and thick, aged gray skin were gorgeous.

I did hear him mumble though - pay attention girl - as he made his escape
and I did. On the next round I heard it all
birds singing, the trees' leaves moving in the breeze, rushing water.

Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Snake.


Sarah said...

So we just all need a snake to remind us to pay attention all the time, but then we'd get used to the snake and fall into our ruts anyway...that whole dilemma between staying fresh and aware and falling into a delightful dream. Life is but a series of moments of awareness, just doesn't scan as well as life is but a dream...go to bed!

Sarah said...

By the way, I really love your poetry...did I say that?