Saturday, April 07, 2007

paw withdrawl

A week ago I convinced her to hop into the backseat of the Mazda
and I drove her to safety, to her dad's house on the beautiful greenway
away from our home whose soil would soon be filled with poison.

The first two nights weren't so bad - the termite killer hadn't come yet
so her feline brother was with me. The next morning I took him to safety too -
with my dad. Then I left town.

After four days' reprieve I have returned.
The house-eating bugs appear to have met their demise.
I brought the kitty home yesterday so I'm not alone,

but there are no just climbed out from under the covers ear-flapping sounds.
All the toys are in their basket.
No cold noses or wet tongues sneak up on my bare feet.

I haven't been woken up with blanket scratching requests to be let under the bedclothes.
There's no spine to spine slumber.
I miss my sweet whippet girl.

Last night I dreamed that she jumped through a car window
and was quickly retrieved with the calling of her name.
Thank god she comes home tonight.


tammy vitale said...

This past week my own doggie has had a bunch of "let me get under the cover" and then - "oh, let me get out from under the cover" nights. So while I understand your being lonesome, at least you got to sleep!

mka said...

Tee-hee Tammy! Annie manages to get herself out from under covers, it's the getting under that sometimes requires assistance. I'm convinced that I lift up the blankets in my sleep because my rest goes undisturbed. Well, until the wee hours when Mitchell decides that it's time for breakfast. Have a great Sunday!

:) mka

barb said...

this morning woke up to have Bull stretched out behind me and Hannah draped over the end of the bed. Usually Bull sleeps downstairs when Hannah is on the bed. a treat for all of us. bb

mka said...

hey Barb! Lately our sleeping arrangement has been odd. I still haven't moved the bed back into the bedroom since the invasion. I'll do it in a couple of days, I think. And as soon as it's warm again I'll get abandoned at night.

We get to be in cahoots in the cabins in June - what fun!!

xo, mka

Elaine said...

Hey!! I'm with you on paw withdrawal. I've been away from home alot recently and now I'm home I have four cats who want to sit with me or on me or hanging from me... it's lovely to be 'loved'. I miss them terribly when I'm away...

Here's to paws!!!

Love yah!