Friday, March 02, 2007

the news that's fit to post

Hello friends! I've been a bit out of it this week - I was on the couch for three days. This started on Tuesday when I was simply exhausted, deep down to the bones weariness, I'm tellin' 'ya! The second day I was still tried and felt like I was going to hurl all day so I didn't each much, and yesterday I spent making myself eat even though I didn't really want to. So I am happy to report that I am feeling almost spiffy today. Bad, bad stomach bugs! I spit on you!!! The good news is that I still have happenings to report.

On Saturday morning I did my second audition day parents' talk at the Music Library. I was much calmer this time and didn't think that I came across as a deranged lunatic which is always a good thing. A couple of the parents were interested in our LP collection (yeah some folks still listen to vinyl) so I had fun showing them our record collection and telling them how much I enjoy it when a student asks me to instruct her/him in using a record player. After all the parents were gone I didn't have to go in my office and sit down to steady myself. I'm so proud.

I was trying to drag my birthday out for as long as I could (as I do every year) so I had a Music Library Game Night/mka's birthday party at my house Saturday night. It turned out to be a small event which was fine by me. I was introduced to a new game called set which forced me to think out of my everything matches in a particular way box. It was cool. We also played taboo (my favorite!) for a long time and much hilarity ensued. I'd tell you about it but I was sworn to secrecy. What happens at mka's house stays at mka's house. (Makes you wanna come to my next party, huh?)

My other bit of exciting news is that I made my last car payment this week. Meredith is all mine. I should soon be seeing that title in the mail. Wahoo!! (It takes a damn long time to pay off a car!!!) I'll be feeling even more abundant next month when that payment is not taken from my paycheck by my lovely friends at the bank. I'm going to figure out a way to celebrate this momentous event as soon as my energy level has returned to normal.

What splendid things did you so this week?

love, love mka

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