Sunday, March 18, 2007


dragonflies, pumpkin pies
rivers that run, basking in sun
fuzzy socks and Birkenstocks
pajama pants, house plants
pink kitty noses and pup yoga poses
perfect jeans, window screens
chats, hats - naps, saps
reading books, resisting hooks
learning new things, glorious green springs
women on retreat who I'm honored to meet
friends - new and old, weather - warm or cold
family who've known you forever and still sometimes think you're clever
being me, the ability to see
journal and pen that I use again and again
this burning passion to write every day and every night


mka said...

This poem started as a 20-item gratitude list that Christine had us write at last weekend's retreat. I'm very excited about the way it's turning out. What do ya'll think?

:) mka

Kay McLeod said...

Hello MK,
Love your gratitude poem....
I began a gratitude journal in Feb. after reading Christine's blog, "Practicing Gratitude"...
I found her phrase, grateful for gratitude so powerful.
Loved sharing the retreat.
Loved your reading and your writing...
Hope to see you at the Mary Oliver went fast....
My favorite of hers is Wild Geese.
Happy Day,

Caren said...

What a happy, wonderful poem... I held off singing "These are a few of my favorite things..." until "glorious green springs"; couldn't resist the rhyme. I thought it was so funny you had socks and Birkenstocks on your list *just like ME*. LOL

I'm so glad I got Mary Oliver tickets! I thought they might go fast. I'm not sure of my plans, yet, but hope to see you there.

peace, peace, and love -

mka said...

oh goodie! comments from two of my new retreat friends!!!

kay, i'm glad that you like the poem. the gratitude journaling works wonders doesn't it? if i'm too tired to do it at night i do it the next morning before morning pages. it was so wonderful meeting you at the retreat. i'm going to write about the river rock (that i did return on sunday afternoon) soon, so stayed tuned. i'll look for you at Mary Oliver!!!

caren, awww - glad you liked my little happy poem. i'll admit that julie andrews was sitting on my right shoulder while i was writing it. or maybe it was rogers and hammerstein. i think it's very cool that we both had socks and birks on our lists. that phrase fuzzy socks and Birkenstocks kept coming back to me over and over again. that's how the poem got started. soooo excited about Mary Oliver!!!

xo, mka

Tammy Vitale said...

Great rhyming scheme and still managing to keep all your favorites in there. I'm impressed. And it's a good reminder to be grateful since this monring's pages seemed not quite so full....I think I'll put a bit about that over at the group site and see if I'm the only one!
Meanwhile, I think I'll keep your list close at hand because it makes me smile!

mka said...

Thanks tammy! I was surprised how well the rhyming worked out. Some days are just better than others - I have to keep reminding myself of that. I'm kinda grumpy this morning. I was changing the cat litter just now and spilled the new litter all over the kitchen floor. Things like this usually only happen when I'm already in a bad mood. Perspective, perspective, perspective mka. Responding to your comment may have just gotten me over my grumpies! Thanks again, tammy!!!

xo, mka