Thursday, March 29, 2007

Going Away

Dear Readers,

I'm hitting the road for a few days. Feel free to leave comments, I will post them upon my return Sunday evening.

mucho love,


tammy vitale said...

as if you won't have enough to write about when you get home, I've tagged you on my blog today (4/5) - come over, read, and answer.

Caren said...

Hey - waiting to hear about Mary Oliver!! Hope you've been well, and the termites are packin' their bags.

mka said...

tammy, i'm not ignoring your tag, i promise. I'm digging out from a bit of overwhelm. will answer, i promise.

caren, it appears that the invaders are gone! mary oliver was amazing. trying to get my thoughts together to write about her here.

love to ya ladies, mka