Thursday, March 15, 2007

fun at the coffeehouse or silly spring feverish girl

This morning while I was doing my morning pages I remembered this little piece that I wrote almost two years ago. (Long before I gave up coffee.) I tracked it down, polished it up, and now present it to you. Happy spring fever!

She left her office and headed to the coffeehouse for a skinny vanilla latte. She giggled as she thought what her friend who was macho about his coffee - one of the few things, other than driving, that he was macho about - he'd call her drink sissy coffee and mention how his was black and manly. Before she'd left she thought hmm, maybe the cute barista di caffe will be there so she re-applied her lip goo (aka lipstick with a smidgen of gloss.) She walked the long way to the coffeehouse because it was warm and she needed some sun on her face.

At first she only saw Jeff behind the counter. He's a cool kid. She always enjoys chatting with him. While he made her latte he told her a funny story about his girlfriend's dog. While Jeff was telling her about the escapades of Larry the pooch she spotted the cute boy as he returned from filling the syrup bottles. Once he was behind the counter and saw her she smiled at him (all the while knowing that her lips were kinda shiny, luckily she'd pulled her hair back so that the wind wouldn't make it stick to her lips on the walk down - that would have been icky.) Anyway, Jeff finished his story and the cute boy said "you wanna see the scariest dog ever" and opened his cell phone to show her a sweet picture of one of the dogs who hangs around near the coffeehouse. Then he said "I was kidding, here's a real cute one" and showed her a picture of his roommate's dog. Dogs are just about her favoritest thing ever so she gushed, a lot. A guy came in to order coffee, the cute boy acknowledged him with a look and one of those guy nods - you know a slight head movement that means I see you there, be right with you, I gotta talk to this girl a minute longer - and kept right on listening to the story she was telling about her super cool dog. She eventually stopped gushing and Cute Coffee Guy took the waiting guy's order for a mocha. She moved over to wait for Jeff to finish her drink and glanced behind her. A line had formed at the register during their chat . She smiled to herself and thought, one point for shiny lip goo. She took her girlie drink and skipped back to her office, grinning all the way.


tammy vitale said...

Another great MK essay!
Do you always write in 3rd person?
A once friend of mine does that. You might very much enjoy her work. Check out

mka said...

Thanks Tammy. For some reason it doesn't feel like creative writing if I am using I (go figure!) I call these things she stories. It really feels like something is going to come out of them. I don't know what yet. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out!! Your rock!

love, mka