Thursday, February 22, 2007

three spring noses

Earlier this week I said
once my birthday is over I will be ready for spring
and so it is.

Today I've opened the windows wide;
their curtains flutter and sway.
From the backyard Papa's wind chimes tinkle and a birdie chorus sings.

In the bedroom the cat will soon wear out his precious pink nose from all his intense air sniffing.
The pup stands on the edge of her queen-sized bed pressing her gum drop nose against the screen.
I close my eyes, take a deep breath (through the nose that Grandma habitually pinched as she wished it to turn up a bit more) and feel it too -
spring bliss.

This day has great joy in it.


Anonymous said...

hey mka, I saw and heard the woodcock again this morning, cardinals and towhees are singing their whole song and a honey bee was on some of my "flowers", really weeds. but an important weed for the bee. bb

mka said...

Hey bb,

You bird babe (hey we could pretend that's what the bb stands for)!! I'm late responding to you cuz I've been feeling a bit icky. Your big bird trip is right about now isn't it? Have a marvelous time. I'll sure miss seeing you at Bend of Ivy next week.

xo, mka