Sunday, February 18, 2007

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in chronological order...

I have huge public speaking issues. I'm great one-on-one or with a few folks but put be in front of a group of people and I get all flustered (or flusterated, that's for you Christine) and weird. A little while back I decided that I needed to address this issue. So I volunteered to do tours of the library for the parents of potential students on audition Saturdays. My first one was last weekend. Being the detail-oriented (some people call it anal retentive) type that I am, I created a handout with everything I could think of that parents would want to know about the library in the school of music where their kid might end up studying for their bachelors. I photocopied the handout on Wednesday evening before I left for my weekend. On Saturday I arrived 20 minutes before the tour was to start in order to get myself centered and ready to start tackling this big fear. Well, the tour folks were right behind me when I unlocked the door - 20 minutes early! I'm very proud of myself for telling them to give me 5 minutes to get the library open and then going with the flow. I felt like I went on a total ramble fest but I was assured that I did a fine job. The second group of parents even laughed at my jokes and asked me questions afterward. It was really cool. Of course, when I was done I was kinda shakey and had to go sit in my office for a while but that's okay - progress was made and the next one (on the 24th) will be even better. Yay mka!

We've had a world-renowned cellist in our midst this week. He's a lovely gentleman and I wanted to do something nice for him so I created a display in his honor last Sunday night prior to his Monday afternoon arrival. All of his recordings in our collection have blue on their covers. The posters and programs related to his visit used purple (my favoritest color ever) so I pulled them together by using blue and purple display paper. At first I couldn't decide what I wanted to call the display and then poof it came to me - Rock On, Mr. Varga! Some people looked at me kinda funny while I was putting it together. I interpreted those looks to mean they were thinking, come on mka, Mr. Varga is one classy guy, rock on, are you sure? I was sure. And I was right. Mr. Varga loved it. So you rock on, Mr. Varga and I'll keep rocking on too.

My mom is too sweet - she gave me an Earthfare gift card as a Valentines gift. I used it to buy fancy, delicious smelling candles. As for VD, I had a wonderful dinner with my friend, Elizabeth, at Boba House. Tofu makes me dance.

I have another documentary recommendation for you, Who Killed the Electric Car? I netflixed it this week. Watch it. Tell me what you think. I cried when GM took away the last of the EV1's to be crushed and when the folks who tried to stop them were handcuffed. Needlessness...

You'll never guess who sent me an email this week. I found it in my bulk folder. It was death. I didn't open it...

On Tuesday I will be the age that my grandmother was when I was born - 36. I'm not freaked out about being 36, I'm fine with that. It's the fact that someone my age could be a granny - kinda weird. My grandmother made a family birthday party for me at her house last night. It was great fun and my sister-in-law sent me home with the rest of her homemade mac and cheese - yumm-y!

Wednesday I will be traveling to Morganton, NC for a funeral. This morning I learned that my great uncle, Norman England, died sometime in the wee hours. Uncle Norman, you are such a sweet spirit. You will be missed.

Tell me about your week.


Anonymous said...

oh you don't look a day over 31 and 2 months! Happy Birthday!!

mka said...

Thanks!!! Someone told me yesterday that if I still dyed my hair I could pass for an undergrad. Funny, huh?

Who are you birthday well-wisher?

:) mka