Tuesday, January 09, 2007

nipping negativity in the bud with silliness

Spring semester began yesterday at UNCG. My colleagues and I discovered that a piece of equipment we'd hoped would be fixed over break was not. It is an essential part of our photocopier, Baron von Copystein. (Yes we named our copier and we even had a name the music library's photocopier contest a couple of years ago when he was all shiny and new). The Baron is our only public copier so this was not great news for our patrons. The good news is that folks can still make copies, they just have to use real cash instead of the e-cash on their university cards. Knowing that this could cause some crankiness I posted the following sign today.

{clip art of surgeons working on an unseen patient was inserted here and the text wrapped around it on the right side} We, your friendly neighborhood music library staff members, are sad to report that the First Card reader attached to our copy machine, the Honorable Baron von Copystein, is ill. We have sent the Baron’s sidekick to a specialty electronics hospital off-campus and fear that his convalescence will not be short. In the meantime, you may feed cash to the Baron or use your First Card at Jackson Library. We apologize for this unforeseen complication.

I haven't seen any incredibly cranky people in the photocopy area...


sbdorsey said...

Hey MK!!

I give in to the urge to quote my wise 4 and 3/4 old niece Nora (who is now 15 and 1/4) who said (with a very serious face): "Silliness is very important."

More than once you have helped me over a bump by reminding me of this crucial life lesson - including this lovely sign. Thank you so much once again for this (especially this week!)...tee hee! love, Sarah (AKA bosswoman)

mka said...


Oh honey, you're welcome! Week One - we made it. :) Spring is soooo much easier than fall. Ready for Monet in the middle of the night?

smooch, mka


good year

mka said...


Nice to meet you. Happy 2007 to you.