Sunday, January 28, 2007

just had to share

this kissable moment


Dena said...


This is Dena from Madison. You posted on my blog looking for a yoga class. I have the PERFECT instructor for you. "Murphy Street Yoga" in Madison run by Tabitha Southard. I've been going there for years and love it. You can pick up a brochure outside her studio (right up the street from Madison Dry Goods, before you get to the library). She has beginning and power yoga classes and reikii.

A librarian who likes to write--we have much in common. Perhaps coffee sometime?

Regards to Annie and Mitchell--way to cute!

mka said...

Hi Dena!!

Thanks for the yoga advice. I'll get by her studio and pick up a brochure soon.

I'd love to get together sometime. You do sound like a bit of a kindred spirit, I must admit.

Annie and Mitchell say hello to Lucy and Olivia. Actually Annie says hihihihihihihihihihihihihi, wanna play with me and Mitchell says yeah, whatever please don't interrupt my nap with this foolishness.

Have a lovely day.

:) mka