Friday, December 15, 2006

Grandparent Christmas Gifts - Part 1 - Big Daddy

Yes, my mother's father who has been shorter then me since I was about 8 years old insists on being called Big Daddy. I'm Southern. Don't give me any flack. :)

Every year I find Christmas gifts for my grandparents to be the hardest to come up with. I mean they have everything they need and I refuse to buy pajamas AGAIN. Sadly that boce ball set (that I really thought she'd like) I gave Jerona (my dad's mom) several years ago, well when I moved into her house this summer I found it in the "back" room (now my bedroom) never opened. So I decided this year I'd try something completely different.

I bought a digital camera right after Christmas last year. I've gone a bit crazy taking pictures and I've been wanting to do something with them. So I decided to turn some of them into gifts for Big Daddy, Jerona and her husband, Roy.

I've purchased pictures frames with ready-made mats for multiple pictures. I'm leaving a few of the spots for pictures blank and writing something to put in those spots. They are collages, I suppose. I just finished Big Daddy's and thought I'd make a blog version too.

Here's a little history as a way of explaining what this one is about. Big Daddy spent most of his adult life as a supervisor at a textile mill - well, that's what he got paid to do. He's come home from that job and work on his cattle farm until dark every night. He loved it. He'd walk around making this buzzing kind of sound with his lips. He'd talk to the cows and pet them. (I still don't understand them how he could sell them to be turned into hamburger - I never will, I guess.) When Grandma got sick he eventually sold all his cattle so that he could be inside with her all the time. Now he's a pretty sad old man, suffering from macular degeneration, who sits in his recliner all day. Another farmer uses his pasture land. These are pictures that I took back in February when I was on the farm for the weekend and woke up to snow. (yay snow!) When I went back inside from my 130 shot morning I told him about what happened with the calf and the mama cow and I got a chuckle out of him. I'm really hoping that he'll be able to see the pictures, but if not I can describe them to him. And I hope that he likes my silly cow comments.

Moo-moo-moooooo! Who’s that strange girl pointing a silver box at me? I’ve never seen her before. She’s scary. Mom. Mom! MOMMMMMMM!

What’s going on Junior? Let me just peek around the stables here and see what’s got you all riled up. Oh my, she is a bit scary. Alright lady! Stop looking at my baby. I mean it. Walk away from here and no one will get hurt.

Don’t make me come over there. Take your silver box and leave us alone. That’s right, go point it at some trees. See Junior she’s walking away everything is fine now. I’ll just stare at her for a little while longer to make sure she knows who’s boss. You run along and play. Man, just what does a mama cow have to do to get a little peace and quite around here? Geez, just trying to enjoy a nice Saturday morning…

Merry Christmas Big Daddy! love, mka

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