Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some Days It's More About Doing Your Life Work Than It is About Doing Your Job - Those Are My Favorite Days

Taken from an email conversation held on Saturday, used with Ruth’s permission.

Ruth: ...I miss hearing from you.

mka: Sorry for my quietness. I thought I'd come back from the retreat all raring to go and that has not happened. I'll get there.

I stood in the shower this morning cranky that it was Saturday mainly because it's the one day of the week when I have to use my alarm clock. I hate being woken up by that obnoxious noise. I told myself - this is going to be a good day. I stopped myself from saying this is going to be a productive day. I stuck with just plain good.

On my drive to work I noticed some cows in a field to my right. Two of those cows seemed to be cuddling. One cow had his/her nose against the side of the other cow's face. The second cow looked pretty happy about it.

Then as I approached Lake Brandt I noticed that the sun was hitting the part of the lake on my left in a beautiful way. It looked like a huge hole full of shiny glass tiles.

On the sidewalk between my car and the School of Music I saw a gorgeous red leaf (red like a Rome apple) in my path. I picked it up and carried it in with me.

Later in the morning I walked down to the coffee house for a snack. I ordered peppermint tea (Christine would be proud). On my way back I was thinking about how much I'd like to see my friend Mac today. And lo and behold he was standing outside the music building when I got back from the coffee house.

He invited me to lunch - yummy veggie pizza! We had a nice long catch up session. I told him all about my vision board and the things that it's helping me to realize.

Another friend of mine is having a really bad day. I was able to close my office door and let her talk for as long as she needed to. She had stopped crying when she left. I think that she felt a little better.

So, no real work done today but it has been good. (I think that I just did my gratitude list for today, huh?)...

Ruth: YOU!!! Your day, it is your BEST work!!! Your real work, indeed. copy and paste it--it is your next blog... I’m so glad you’re my friend.
ps--it's not about "getting there"--remember------you ARE there!! and you were there in every one of those moments you wrote about, fully being you, knowing what you wanted, asking, seeing, noticing, paying attention, being present!!! Thank you so much for sharing it!!

(Ruth was absolutely right on. I heart her!)

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