Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Mom is a Sweetheart

Various members of my family take turns walking Miss Annie for me on the days that I work. My mom takes a turn at least once a week. I am extremely grateful that she helps me out with this. Yesterday, not only did she take care of Annie and give Mitchell some attention she left gifts for me. It is so exciting to come home after an 11-hour day and find presents on your kitchen counter. Tomorrow I hope to get the amaryllis in its pot so I can start watching it grow. It's going to be gorgeous when it blooms. And I plan to use the Santa mug (ho ho ho) to carry my tea on my December Saturday work mornings. I mean, how can I be grumpy when I'm drinking tea out of Santa's head.

My mom rocks!!! (And she told me tonight that over the weekend she ate an organic apple and liked it so much that she bought a whole bag. I am sooooo proud.)


mka said...

RIP Santa mug. I woke up one morning this week and Santa was in pieces on the kitchen floor. I can't prove that Mitchell killed him, but I did throw my. kitty out of the bedroom that morning because he was trying to get me out of bed early to fill up his bowl.

Santa mug, thanks for cheering up my December Saturday work mornings. It sure was fun drinking tea out of your head.


mka said...

that was supposed to be mr. kitty - duh!