Tuesday, November 28, 2006

For Christine

Christine Kane has been talking about gratitude over at her blog lately. She's not just whistlin' dixie - this stuff works. You should check it out. I am a firm believer in the daily gratitude list.

I drive past lots of churches during my commute. I find the messages posted on these churches' signs intriguing and sometimes exasperating. There is one church that regularly delights me with what they put out there each week. New things are posted sometime between late Wednesday night and Saturday morning. I know this because there is always something new when I come into town to begin my work week on Saturday mornings (my cranky day). When I saw this message I immediately thought of Christine so tonight I stopped and took this picture.

This is for you Christine. Keep on doing your groovy thang!


ChristineKane said...

Hello MK! Thanks for the dedication and link! What a great idea to take a picture of the church marquees... I think you should take pictures and write your OWN sermons based on their titles! (oo...i'm getting ideas for when I'm back on the road!)

Thanks for being who you are! You inspire me!

mka said...


Bwahahahaha, sermonizing huh?

(looks down at the ground while scraping her birkenstock clad foot against the floor..) Aww shucks, ma'am. Seriously though it's a girlie inspiration fest amd mutual admiration society around here!


Anonymous said...

Hey MK, great sign. where do they get them: Keep the christ in christmas is one I see a lot. I am reading your blog now as well as ck because I know y'all, otherwise I would be reading lots of blogs and not getting a thing done. trust you are well. bb

mka said...


I really appreciate that you're reading my blog. Knowing that my retreat friedns are checking in on it keep me writing!

:) and xo, mka

mka said...

It's a good thing that I snapped that shot last night. They changed the sign early this week. It now says "God is After You" - kinda spooky, this one.