Thursday, October 05, 2006

To Professor Swanky Pants on His Birthday

and to sweet little Deirdre (199? - 2006) from the Ginger Snap Lady.

How's this for a trip down memory lane? I'm going to listen to the Brahms Horn Trio and that wonderful Intermezzo (from op. 118, I believe) and think about you today. Here's to old friends who aren't afraid to call you on your crap!! Happy Birthday, dear sasafrassy with beaucoup love from your sugar bean. I hope to see your face very soon.


Anonymous said...

For anyone bothering to know, I no longer look like that thin scrawny boy with 80s style hair. I am now much more filled out, buzzed cut and much more assertive than back in those days!

Just so you know. Oh and one more thing, I am the only man who can kick MK'S ass if need be, aside from Allen. But truth br told, I'd rather kiss and bump on that fine rumperatious behind than put a boot in it:-))



mka said...

Hi Stevie!!!

You speaketh the truth - there were a couple of non-college days pictures in there but certainly no recent ones.

You get the prize for my rowdiest blog comment thus far. (And you made me blush a little!)

For the record Allen is nothing but sweet to me. :)

Still hoping to see you guys over Thanksgiving. We missed out on our summer visit this year.

Love to B.

Miss you like crazy,

mka said...

Oh yeah, a couple more things to Professor Swanky Pants,

I loved your eighties hair (although we were in college in the 90s, hmm...). I still think the headless flower-hat wearing stevie is hilarious. I'm giggling right now and I took that picture like 13 years ago. The teeniest things crack me up!