Sunday, October 01, 2006

misuse of my blog?

Yes, ladies and gents today I feel that I am using my blog in a way that I had not previously intended. I am using it to force me to do something. My will power is well, not all that powerful right now. I've gotten up this morning more sluggish than usual. I am experiencing a mood of major underaccomplishment. Now why do I feel this way, you ask? Because I've been wasting quite a bit of time lately. You see, when I'm cranky or tired or have something going on in my head that I don't want to deal with what do I do to avoid my life? Turn on the dadblasted television that's what (insert evil laugh coming from the tv here). I haven't had cable in a long time; I thought it would be fun to have again so when I moved I got it. Obviously I had forgotten how easy it is to get sucked it. And this morning at 7 am I woke up on the couch because I was tired last night and turned on the tv. Drat! Blast! Dang it all! End the madness, woman. Put down the remote! Take back your life! Tomorrow morning I am calling to have the cable turned off (cheers from the crowd in my head). See now I will have to do it because I have announced it here. So no more crappy tv for me - here's hoping that I can get Ellen without Time Warner, although I am thinking about cutting back on her and only watching on my days off - even though the workday rule is I have to do chores while I watch. Whoa, mka, slow down. We operate on the baby steps system here. ;)


sbd said...


Misuse away! I think we have to trick ourselves sometimes to do certain things and whatever No judgement.

Good luck with the tv thing and brava on cancelling cable!



mka said...

That phone call is the first item on my to do list Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

So, did you go through with it? If not, consider getting a DVR. That way, you can record only what you want to watch AND skip the commercials!

Signed, Justin, who's also struggled to cut his dependence on TV for company.

mka said...

Well, I called TW and asked them to turn it off which they did not do. I have to call again. I'm considering getting rid of the tv all together. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

mka said...

So blog fans,

I made another call to TW today and the kind lady that I spoke with assured me that the cable will be turned off tomorrow. Will I go completely nuts on Thursday and Friday? What about next week when I have Tuesday - Friday off for Thanksgiving? Stay tuned...