Tuesday, September 26, 2006

a sacred time

to all the wise, wonderful mandala women
Mary Agnes Tuttle Peay (1918-1999)

women in a circle - out of doors
all except two eyes are closed

the leader asks us to see Spirit
light ball, old man, or goddess

suddenly i feel you behind me
your presence is comforting

i sense your sweet hands on my shoulders
telling me that all is well

i won't move, if i do you might leave
i've missed you so, dear Grandma

i'm so glad that you followed me here -
haven't felt you in a while

you are my own guardian angel
and are part of Spirit now

the meditation is soon to end
and i know that you'll be gone

please bring Papa with you the next time
he doesn't come around much

all the women's eyes start to open
i wipe the tears from my face

women in a circle holding hands
each utters a word or phrase

gratitiude, big love, mindful, peace
shedding, power, love, intent

clarity, trust, outer shell, center
light, presence and compassion

then embrace embrace embrace embrace...
we all turn to leave this place

heading back to our busy lives
not to be the same again


Anonymous said...

Oh, MK, nice. I love the image of your grandmother standing behind you. Your words brought sweet images of bend of ivy and the special women I met. Thank you.

mka said...


You're certainly welcome! It was so cool that Grandma was there cheering me on. I hope that you're doing well!!

xo, mka

sbd said...

Dear mka,

Wow, what a beautiful poetic meditation. I wonder if she (or they) have been back. Reading this makes me want to go to a retreat even more. Thank you for sharing this and continuing to inspire me.



mka said...


Glad you liked it. Mom and I think Papa was at Lowe's one day playing in the

mka said...

Oops! Let me try that again...

I'm pretty sure Papa was at Lowe's in GSO in late July/early August when I was there with Mom. She agreed with me when I mentioned it. He was playing in the buildings that they had for sale in the parking lot - opening and closing doors to get our attention. (Some folks would say it was the wind - I know he was there.) He's quite a trickster, but shy about visiting so I don't sense him very often.

mka said...

update - Murray Arndt asked me if I had published this YET. omg!