Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bedroom Baking

with everyone's favorite canine pastry chef, Annie the Whippet.

Since we moved I've been a bit sad that Annie has been abandoning me at bedtime to sleep in the big purple chair in the living room. I am pleased to announce that the chilly weather has brought her back to the bed. (There's nothing better than waking up to sweet puppy dog eyes staring at you. It makes you start your day with giggles and cuddles.) When I arrived home last evening after work she'd made a huge doughnut on the unmade bed. Let me show you the doughnut - from all angles - because it is so magnificient. (Please note that my camera's clock is set an hour behind. I wasn't a Highway 220 speed demon last night.)

Notice how the hole is just the right size for a whippet to snuggle in. My dog is a genius!

And now our host signs off with a Bon Appétit or more appropriately Fais de Beaux Rêves.

**Big thanks to Master Reference Librarian Mark for his help with finding the French equivalent of sweet dreams!**

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