Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Liquid Lunch

My new house brought with it a 45-minute-twice-a-day-five-times-a-week commute. I’m beginning to grow accustomed to this extra hour and a half in my work day and I’m learning that it does have some benefits. (We won’t talk about the gas consumption and the environment right now or how very sad I am when I see sweet little dead animals in or on the side of the road – today we only talk about good stuff.) The thing that I’m liking most about the driving is that it gives me extra thinking time.

Mostly I listen to music when I drive. On especially good days I’m a big time car singer – in my car I am very famous performer – there’s even occasional dancing involved. (I just really embarrassed myself.) On Sunday afternoons I like to listen to the first hour of last night’s Prairie Home Companion. What fun! I’m seriously considering introducing books on cd into my commute. Some days though I just tune out whatever noise I have going or turn it off and think. All kinds of interesting – well, interesting to me – things flitter through my brain. Here’s what I was thinking about yesterday.

(Indigo Girls in the background.) I really like this smoothie that I made for myself. It is so yummy and it looks really pretty in this funky purple mug. You know, it’s not so bad having liquid lunch while I’m driving to work. I ran out of time to have a real lunch before I left home, but that’s okay. This is pretty cool actually. It’s healthy, it’s all organic, it’s frosty cool on this really hot day. Yeah, I’m happy. I’m in love with this smoothie. Hmm, if I ate a banana, a few berries, some yogurt, and drank some orange juice I’d be way over full right now. Why is it that I can put all that stuff in a blender, set it to liquefy, put that liquid into my funky purple cup and have it be just the right amount to satisfy my hunger, but not make me too full? What is up with that? There’s science there that I don’t understand. Maybe I should ask this question on my blog. People will think I am nuts to ask a silly thing like this, but what the hell…

Well, I am a little nuts (okay a lot nuts) so tell me what you think. Sarah and Zack say it’s because it’s compacted. I think it’s more than that. What say you? I wanna know what ya’ll think before I go look it up and be all scientific about it. It’s much more fun to make this stuff up. (Yeah, I probably just broke a bunch of librarian rules – don’t tell on me, okay?)

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