Monday, July 10, 2006

Annie's Birthday

This is the birthday girl with her head on my pajamaed leg.

Six years ago the love of my life was born, a skinny little whippet named Annie. Boo-Boo or Love Bug as she is also known has lived with me since she was four months old. What a lucky girl am I. Stinky Dog (I never realized how many nicknames she has) is sweet, beautiful, fun, cuddly, sometimes graceful and very smart (even though Mac says she has a pea brain and John is convinced she doesn’t speak English – boys are just silly sometimes.) I was looking back through my journal this morning for a good Annie story and found this one that demonstrates her intelligence and cunning!

March 15
This morning I was curled up at the end of the couch watching the Ellen DeGeneres show. (I love Ellen, she is quirky and uplifting.) Annie was acting kinda weird. First, she came looking for me. This usually means I need to go out or I’d like some love now, please or play with me. She’d been outside just a little while earlier, there was no toy in her mouth and she didn’t join me on the couch so I didn’t know what she wanted. She stared at me, then did a doggie yoga pose (tres cute). I still didn’t know what was going on. Then she went over to my desk area, stared at me some more, and did some more yoga. Okay, I thought, she wants me to chase her so I got off the couch and started toward her. She immediately seized my spot on the sofa. What a trickster! I laughed out loud, gave her some kisses and pats and snuggled in (on a different part of the couch) to watch the rest of Ellen with my sweet girl.

The best dog EVER lives at my house. Happy Birthday little miss Annie!

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