Friday, January 05, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth - Watch It!

Thank you, Al Gore!! I finally saw An Inconvenient Truth today. We can fix this problem, people. Let's do it! Start with watching the dvd, if you haven't already.

I get frustrated because I live in a town that doesn't do recycling pick-up. I pack up my recycling every week, take it with me to work and drop it off in a friend's recycling bin. I can do more...

I'm impressed by Bend of Ivy Lodge's commitment to being carbon neutral.


Jake said...

if you're becoming vegetarian, that right there is one of the best things you can do. al gore didn't mention it but it's becoming increasingly clear that the meat industry is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. a UN study found that the meat industry caused 18 percent of global greenhouse gases, and a university of chicago study concluded that switching from an average american meat-based diet to vegetarianism cuts your emissions as much as switching from a regular car to a hybrid.

we just have to make these changes in our own lives and try to convince other people too. good luck!

mka said...


Thanks so much for your comment! I'm exploring vegetarianism mostly because I love animals so much that I feel like a hypocrite for eating them. I'm very pleased to know that it also helps the environment.

You are my second first-time commenter tonight. How'd you find me?


Jake said...

every now and then i like to do a search and see what bloggers are saying about vegetarianism, and yours came up.

i'm vegetarian first and foremost for the animals too, so the environmental benefits are just icing. and it's not just global warming - i just read a disturbing article in rolling stone about what hog farms do to ground water and rivers, among other terrible things - a lot of it in north carolina, actually.

my mom is a vegetarian in iowa, so i know it can be tough outside the big cities. you just have to get creative in cooking - especially try exploring foreign foods that aren't so meat-centric - and keep telling the restaurants that they need to have more vegetarian options. it's the only way things'll change.

mka said...

Jake, Thanks for letting me know how you found me! We do have issues with hog farming here in NC, you're right about that.

I live in a small town with only Wal-mart and Food Lion as my grocery choices. I commute to Greensboro for work where my food choices are much more varied. I've been going organic for several years now so I don't grocery shop in my town at all. It takes some organizing but I manage to run my errands on the days that I work. It's not easy, but very very worth it to me.

Again, thanks for stopping by. mka

sbdorsey said...

RIGHT ON, MK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Inconvenient Truth is just so aptly named because so many people see it as that. But watching the movie inspired me (admittedly I was way poised) in terms of what we (each little individual person) can do.

If anyone is in Greensboro at 6:30 on Thursday, January 18, come to the Weatherspoon Art Museum (corner of Spring Garden and Tate) to see this movie and join in discussion afterwards.

We *can* make a difference!

Thanks, MKA!


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